HeartMate PHP

High flow, low profile

HeartMate PHP is an acute percutaneous heart pump that disrupts the traditional relationship between size and flow to provide care without compromise. It is designed to deliver the blood flow needed to quickly stabilise haemodynamically compromised patients and provide optimal haemocompatibility. The catheter-based pump is designed for percutaneous entry through the femoral artery. Upon insertion via a low-profile 14F introducer sheath, the catheter is advanced into the left ventricle where the cannula is unsheathed and fully expands to 24F, allowing for near–full physiological mean blood flow rates. 33

After receiving CE Mark approval on July 10, 2015, HeartMate PHP is approved for use in the EU to support patients undergoing a high-risk percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).

HeartMate PHP offers a range of features and benefits:

  • Wide 24F blood-flow pathways for over 4 L/min of mean flow.33
  • Low 13F insertion profile
  • Stable once placed across the aortic valve
  • Low shear stress on blood moving across the impeller 34
  • Internal driveline constructed of 10 interwoven microcables for maximum durability in tortuous anatomy34
  • Compact, lightweight console with a user-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Reduces end-diastolic pressure, end-diastolic volume, and oxygen demand of the myocardium34
  • The covered nitinol cannula and integrated impeller expand from a low 13F insertion profile to 24F once unsheathed across the aortic valve for near–physiological mean blood flow of over 4 L/min.33


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