EnligHTN™ Renal Denervation System
Fast. Intuitive. Predictable.

Our next generation EnligHTN™ renal denervation system is optimized to deliver safe and efficient therapy for resistant hypertension and includes a state-of-the-art generator and clinically proven multi-electrode ablation catheter. The EnligHTN system administers simultaneous lesions that disrupt renal nerve activity and deliver a rapid, significant and sustained reduction in blood pressure.1 The first generation EnligHTN system demonstrated rapid, significant, and sustained BP reduction. The next generation system is designed to produce the same great results but in less time reducing total ablation time from 24 minutes to 4 minutes.

Next Generation Generator

  • Intuitive, user-friendly touch-screen interface
  • Values for temperature, impedance, power and intervals can be easily monitored at a glance.
  • Report summary can be viewed on the screen or downloaded via USB port and printed as needed.
  • Convenient, pole-mounted generator
  • Advanced dual ramp algorithm is designed to desensitize the tissue during the temperature rise
  • Proprietary adaptive control can minimize ablation interruptions due to temperature or impedance fluctuations that can occur from patient movement.

Proven Ablation Catheter

  • Predictable pattern of four simultaneous ablations with consistent lesion quality
  • Proven performance based on the EnligHTN I clinical study 24-Month data using the 1st generation EnligHTN generator
  • Lesions delivered by our next generation EnligHTN system are equivalent to lesions produced by the first generation EnligHTN system 2

Reliable Guiding Catheter

  • Designed specifically for interventional and diagnostic devices used in the renal vasculature including renal denervation procedures
  • The 8 F EnligHTN™ guiding catheter facilitates smooth device delivery and placement of the EnligHTN™ renal artery ablation catheter

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